Practical Exercices

With the IVS you can closely link theory and practice. In the following, various application scenarios are listed, which illustrate the versatile possibilities of collaborative processing of practical training content through interactive videos.

Analysis of lessons

A lot can be learned just by observing videographed lessons. With the IVS there is now the possibility of analysis in the group. The trainee teachers use a practical example to analyze the teaching behavior of their colleagues.

Role plays in educational training

Before starting the practice, the trainee teachers can practice their teaching in role plays. The debriefing is initially carried out online with the IVS. Points that have attracted a lot of attention online are then discussed in depth in the seminar.

Video feedback

Feedback on behavior or exercise execution can be conveyed to learners using video messages. So that no questions remain unanswered, the comment function is used for inquiries and more in-depth reflection.


Excursions can be recorded on video with the IVS and then didactically prepared. Individual recordings can be provided with picture-accurate questions. Depending on their answer, different playback paths can be activated. It is thus possible to take route A or route B without having to leave the video. In this way, small groups can prepare their results in an attractive way for an entire course.