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With the Moodle Plugin Interactive Video Suite (IVS), you can transform videos into a lively exchange format between teachers and learners.


✅  Full functional range*

✅  Unlimited period of use

✅  Easy installation on your own environment

✅  Free product introduction (on request)

*can be implemented in a Moodle course with up to 3 course participants

Demo Environment

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✅  Preset learning environment

✅  Test all functions for 4 weeks

✅  No installation necessary

✅  Free product introduction (on request)


Make Video Learning Interactive


Software made and hosted
in Germany


All your data will be processed and stored GDPR compliant.


Supports the integration of OpenCast and Panopto videos

Who we are


Ghostthinker is an EdTech company based in Augsburg.

We support sports organizations, universities and companies in the area of learning and collaboration with digital media. We develop didactic concepts, provide the appropriate technology and are experts in questions concerning video-based knowledge management.

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