Social Video Learning with the Interactive Video Suite

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The core of Social Video Learning are time-marker-specific comments in videos. Video comments and further functions such as in-video-questions or highlighting tools increase student interaction and promote attention and transfer thinking. This does not only boost the students’ motivation, but also supports the successful acquisition of knowledge and skills in the long term.

Integration of external video sources 

Besides uploading and using your own videos, you can also integrate YouTube, Vimeo as well as external video files (via URL) as video sources. Other supported video sources are Panopto, OpenCast and Kaltura. You can apply all the features available to you for your own video footage to external videos as well. 

Time-marker specific video comments

Comments and re-comments make it possible to ask questions, lead discussions and contribute ideas directly in the video. This is additionally possible as an audio message. Colored icons in the playbar highlight the timing of the comments.

Video editor

Add markers, text notes, zoom, pauses, slow motion, and fast motion to your video. Use these to draw learners’ attention to important aspects and encourage discussion in the video.

In-video questions

Use single-choice tests and open questions to test learners’ prior knowledge and understanding directly in the video. When the question appears, the video stops; learners cannot continue until the question is answered (correctly).

Interactive hotspots

Complement single-choice and open questions with interactive hotspots in your videos. To answer a question correctly, learners must click a special area on the screen before the video continues.

Video Feedback

Reference different video sequences from the video that play depending on the answer to a question. This not only tells learners if an answer is right or wrong, but also gives them a hint for the correct answer.

Abspielpfade - Videofeedback


Be conveniently notified by mail about submitted video comments. Choose the frequency of notifications according to your preferences.

Audio messages

Record audio messages and add them as video comments with timestamp accuracy. This makes interaction even more personal and diverse.


Interactive Video Suite supports the Moodle backup feature. This allows you to back up created content regularly and restore it easily when needed.

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IVS Freemium Version

Wir benötigen nur noch einige Informationen von dir und dann kann es losgehen. Mit Übermittlung der Instanzerkennung werden wir direkt das Freemium für deine Moodle-Instanz freischalten.

Social Video in Moodle

In this compact online workshop you will get to know the full functionality of the Interactive Video Suite.


  • What is social video learning?
  • How do I create activities with IVS?
  • How do I use the features in the player? (e.g., creating and evaluating in-video questions)

Duration: 90 min. 

No. of participants: 4-12

For who is this workshop: future and current users of the Interactive Video Suite

Price: 95€ per person (excl. vat)

Social Video in Moodle

In diesem kompakten Online-Workshop lernen Sie die volle Funktionsvielfalt der Interactive Video Suite (IVS) kennen.


  • Was ist Social Video Learning?
  • Wie erstelle ich Aktivitäten mit der IVS?
  • Wie nutze ich die Funktionen in dem Player?
    (z.B. Erstellung und Auswertung von In-Video-Fragen)

Dauer: 90 Min. 

Teilnehmerzahl: 4-12

Zielgruppe: zukünftige und aktuelle Nutzer:innen der Interactive Video Suite

Preis: 95€ p.P. (exkl. Mwst.)