Features for successful teaching


Stand-alone videos are not a guarantee of positive learning outcomes. Due to the features of the Interactive Video Suite, learners are actively involved in teaching. This increases their attention and supports the successful transfer of knowledge.




Interaction by timestamp-specific comments

The core of “Social Video Learning” is the timestamp-precise exchange
in videos among the participants. Comments and re-comments allow
discussion among the learners.





The colored markers in the video’s timeline show where comments have been made. With the markings in the traffic light colors, the comments can be coded according to the context. This makes it visible which parts of the video meet with particularly high approval or rejection.



Interaction by integrated video-quizzes

In the video itself, you can use frame-accurate single-choice tests,
open questions or interactive hotspots to check the learners
understanding. Once you post a question, the video will stop and
learners will not be able to continue until the question has been
answered correctly. In addition, you can create specific playback paths with little effort.
Depending on the answer to a question, the learners are shown a
suitable video sequence.
This not only teaches whether an answer is wrong, but also why an
answer is wrong.


Create embedded quizzes with just a few clicks

Choose type

Create a question

Set answer sequence



Features for easy content management



The IVS supports the Moodle backup function so that your data does not fall victim to unforeseen events. You can thus back up the created content and restore it if necessary.



Receive information about submitted video comments conveniently by email. You set the frequency of the notifications so you don't miss any posts. Your mailbox will never overflow.



Small edits to the video can be easily carried out in the IVS. Add highlights, text hints, pauses, slow and fast motion, and zoom to your video. This directs the learners' attention to the most important video content.



You need further options?

It is part of the Ghostthinker® philosophy to develop new concepts and functions together with customers and cooperation partners. The financing model of development participation enables us to offer larger additional functions even at short notice. In concrete terms, this means that you as a customer and cooperation partner can initiate new developments through financial support and thus benefit from these new functionalities and modules very early on.

You would like to initiate a development of IVS? Please feel free to contact us!