The IVS makes your recorded lectures come to life. By the help of image-accurate comments, students discuss the content of a lecture. Highlight important parts by using playback scripts and add your own comments to the recordings.


Communication between students continues beyond contact hours. Benefit from the option to record record presentations and let the students provide feedback afterwards. Marking tools are used to highlight relevant aspects.

Laboratory Exercise

Instructions on how to use laboratory equipment are time-consuming and expensive. Videos can be used to train students in the use of the complex and sometimes dangerous equipment. With the help of clickable areas in the video, students can identify dangerous spots. The video can only be viewed further once the correct location in the image has been identified. With the IVS you can conduct your training courses safely and efficiently.

Excursions / Field-trips

Excursions can be captured on video by the IVS and subsequently didactically processed. Picture-perfect questions allow you to interactively explore the sites online. Depending on the answers, different playback paths can be activated. Go either way A or B without stopping the video.
The IVS ensures everybody’s participation in excursions.